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Fatek FvRT Powerful and intuitive SCADA software

Fatek FvRT Powerful and intuitive SCADA software

Update Terakhir 02 / 11 / 2021
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Detail Fatek FvRT Powerful And Intuitive SCADA Software


FATEK FvRT software mainly to let the project that FvDesigner software developed can run on the computer or industrial computer, combined with the computer’s powerful computing power, memory capacity, storage space and open system architecture, easy to integrate with other peripherals or apps to meet the needs of customer project applications, such as the need for a larger screen display and so on.

Through FvDesigner provides a variety of beautIGUl objects, powerful communication capabilities, multiple data monitoring, and with the FBs PLC a high degree of integration with the perfect match to meet the needs of various industries, moreover, the original use of HMI designers can be easy to get started, and the conversion of the project are more convenient, such as the original HMI project can be converted into a project that can be run by computer.

-Easy to design screen, and provides varity of beautIGUl objects, image library and customized keypad function.
-No need to install WinProLadder, can show FBs PLC program directly on the application to facilitate debugging.
-Support the function of data log, alarm, recipe, operation log, schedule, data transfer and script, etc.
-Powerful communication ability, support the function of communication protocol of each brand PLC, multi-link, user-defined protocol and Modbus Gateway, etc.
-Provide multi-language and custom system messages, easy to plan cross-country product applications.
-Only need to install the IGU-FvRT USB dongle on a running computer, FvRT can work properly