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GIC Alarm Annunciators

GIC Alarm Annunciators

Update Terakhir 02 / 11 / 2021
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Detail GIC Alarm Annunciators

Automation equipment

GIC introduces Alarm Annunciators with the most advanced features. With increasing automation at every stage in a process control system, our Alarm Annunciators would play a vital role in immediate fault recognition by providing instant visual and audible alarms to protect valuable equipment. However simple or complex your alarm requirement, our Alarm Annunciators will provide the most cost-effective solution.

• Standard models available from 2 to 32 windows
• Choice of 3 window sizes and 6 different window colours
• Optically isolated fault inputs with wide fault input voltage range (12 – 240V AC/DC +/-10%)
• Field selection for NO / NC fault input contacts, grouping of alarms, window size configuration
• Space saving due to lower depth of only 100mm
• Integral push buttons for Test, Acknowledge, Mute and Reset operations
• Four SPDT relay outputs (2 for grouping, 1 for external hooter, 1 for ring back sequence)
• 7 Field selectable operation sequences as per ISA standard
• Integral buzzer for audible alarm output of 90 dB
• Communication interface with RS485 Modbus RTU protocol
• Replaceable LEDs, Fast Scan, Manned / Unmanned, Supervisory Relay & Supply fail annunciation available