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GIC Frequency Monitoring Series PD 225

GIC Frequency Monitoring Series PD 225

Update Terakhir 02 / 11 / 2021
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Detail GIC Frequency Monitoring Series PD 225

Voltage Detector

The Frequency Monitoring equipment manufactured by GIC helps monitor the frequencies of 3 signals. The easy to use and durable device monitors over/under frequency, and ensures orderly operation of the grid.

• Wide Auxiliary Supply Voltage Range: 110 – 240 VAC, 220 – 440 VAC
• Models for Over Frequency and Under/Over Frequency Monitoring
• Monitors frequency of three signals – Sine, Square & Triangular
• Model for Frequency Limit Control: 5 Hz to 135 Hz
• Wide Signal Input Voltage: 15 to 500 VAC
• Adjustable Relay status in healthy or unhealthy condition using DIP switch “ET” (Energize to Trip) or “DT” (De-energize to trip.)
• Ease of Frequency setting with simple Addition & Subtraction
• LED indications for healthy, unhealthy & no signal conditions