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  • IDEC HE5B Series Enabling Switch
IDEC HE5B Series Enabling Switch

IDEC HE5B Series Enabling Switch

Update Terakhir 27 / 10 / 2021
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Detail IDEC HE5B Series Enabling Switch

The HE5B is small, easy to mount and highly reliable. It is ideally suited for use in robotic teaching pendants and complies to major industry regulations. It provides a high level of safety based on human behavioral studies which determine personnel may squeeze OR let go when presented with a panic situation.

-Ergonomically-designed OFF-ON-OFF 3-position operation
-Easy recognition of position 1 -> 2 transition, made possible by snap action switch
-Sufficient load difference is provided for shifting from position 2 -> 3
-Light force needed to maintain position 2, so that operators can easily use the enabling switch
-The switch does not turn ON when being released from position 3 (OFF when pressed) to position 1 (OFF when released) (IEC60204-1,
-Two contacts are provided for safety
-IP65 (using the waterproof rubber cover)
-Mounts in a 16mm (5/8in) round hole
-B10d (cycle): 1.0E+05