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  • IDEC SE2L Series Safety Laser Scanner
IDEC SE2L Series Safety Laser Scanner

IDEC SE2L Series Safety Laser Scanner

Update Terakhir 27 / 10 / 2021
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Detail IDEC SE2L Series Safety Laser Scanner

The IDEC SE2L safety laser sensor / scanner is the smallest in the world, while outperforming most of the competition. Features include a 270-degree sensing angle, a 5m safety protection zone, a 20m warning zone and customizable protection patterns. Master/slave functionality allows one SE2L scanner to act as master and communicate with up to three other scanners. The safety controller only needs to communicate with the master, reducing the required number of input and communication channels on the controller. This can allow lower-cost controllers to be applied in applications such as providing full 360-degree protection for an AGV, which requires four scanners. SE2L can cover long distances, which makes it ideal for use with a variety of industrial robots and machinery. With dual protection mode, SE2L can also be programmed to safeguard two different zones for two robots at once. This can reduce the number of laser scanners and light curtains by half!

-Protection zone (safety): 5m
-Warning zone (non-safety): 20m
-270 degree sensing angle
-Master and slave function
-Maximum 32 patterns
-Scan skip function reduces false detection
-Customizable protection patterns
-EDM functions
-MicroSD slot
-PLd, Safety Category 3, SIL2
-PFHd: 7.50E-09