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IDEC X6 Series (16mm) Emergency Stop Switches

IDEC X6 Series (16mm) Emergency Stop Switches

Update Terakhir 26 / 10 / 2021
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Detail IDEC X6 Series (16mm) Emergency Stop Switches

Utilizing our unique Reverse Energy Structure, new X6 emergency stop switches are the latest in safety innovation wrapped in a sleek, miniature package.

This smooth design is ideal for applications requiring cleanliness, such as food processing machines, medical equipment and semiconductor equipment. Manufactured to prevent dust build up and make cleaning simple, this sleek switch is both hygienic and visually appealing.

The unibody design is efficient and elegant, extending only 23.9mm behind the panel compared with conventional e-stops which average 27.9mm! By reducing the depth and volume, these e-stops keep equipment and control panels compact yet safe.

X6 Emergency Stop switches also include IDEC’s innovative “Safe Break Action” design, which uses a safety mechanism to ensure that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged; the NC contacts will reliably open, even if they are welded, and stop the machine.

The X6 emergency stop switch can be reset either by pulling or turning, and the button is offered in 30mm and 40mm sizes. In addition to a red emergency button, a yellow button is also available as a stop switch, and all buttons are available with or without arrow markings.

X6 emergency stop switches are UL, c-UL recognized, and EN compliant.

-Smooth button resists dirt buildup and provides attractive appearance,
-Only 23.9mm depth behind the panel,
-IDEC’s innovative safe break action ensures all NC contacts open if the contact block is separated from the operator,
-Pushlock turn reset and push-pull functions built into same unit,
-Two button sizes – 30mm and 40mm,
-Direct opening action mechanism (IEC60947-5-5, IEC60947-5-1, Annex K),
-Degree of protection IP65 (IEC60529),
-Solder-tab terminals,
-UL recognized, c-UL approved, EN compliant